<HTML><HEAD> <TITLE>The Chicago Years</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY BGCOLOR="#000000" TEXT="#FFFFEE" LINK="#CC9966" VLINK="#CC6633"> <center> <table> <td width="1" bgcolor="#341C00"></td> <td width="2" bgcolor="#000000"></td> <td width="5" bgcolor="#341C00"></td> <td width="10" bgcolor="#000000"></td> <td width="15" bgcolor="#341C00"></td> <td width="25" bgcolor="#000000"></td> <td> <table> <tr height="100"></tr> <tr> <TABLE CELLSPACING="0" CELLPADDING="2" BORDER="0"><TR VALIGN="TOP"><TD WIDTH="25"></TD> <TD WIDTH=250> <A HREF="index.html"><IMG SRC="images/photoindex.jpg" BORDER="0" WIDTH="216" HEIGHT="55" ALT="Home"><br> <A HREF="films.html"><IMG SRC="images/photofilms.jpg" BORDER="0" WIDTH="216" HEIGHT="55" ALT="Films"></A><br> <A HREF="about.html"><IMG SRC="images/photoabout.jpg" BORDER="0" WIDTH="216" HEIGHT="55" ALT="About"></A><br> <A HREF="contact.html"><IMG SRC="images/photocontact.jpg" BORDER="0" WIDTH="216" HEIGHT="55" ALT="Contact"></A><br> <A HREF="support.html"><IMG SRC="images/photosupport.jpg" BORDER="0" WIDTH="216" HEIGHT="55" ALT="Support"></A><P> <A HREF="mailto:joeharris@pigboatproductions.com"><IMG SRC="images/photoemail.jpg" BORDER="0" WIDTH="131" HEIGHT="93" ALT="E-Mail"></A><P> </td> <TD WIDTH=500><CENTER> <h1>Columbia College <br>Production Class Shorts</H1> <P>From 2007-2009, Joe went to Columbia College Chicago. These were Production Class assignments. They were shot on 16mm black and white film without sound. A Bolex was used and they were edited by hand using film and a razor blade. <P><IMG SRC="http://www.pigboatproductions.com/images/wliflogo.jpg" width="500"> <h2>When Love is Felt</h2> This is the story of two men in love. One finds out that the other is cheating on him. But with whom? <h4>Starring</h4> <P>Ethan Barnowski <BR>Matt Kessler <BR><BR> <iframe width="475" height="300" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/lxmzo9g4SYA?feature=player_embedded" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br><br> <P><IMG SRC="http://www.pigboatproductions.com/images/tclogo.gif" width="500"> <h2>Timecode</h2> Timecode tell the story of a boy who is so obsessed with the passage of time that he mistakenly becomes trapped in it. While it starts as a freeing blessing, he learns quickly that without the passage of time, he is truly alone. <h4>Starring</h4> <P>Josh Foy <BR>Amanda Flaherty <BR><BR> <iframe width="475" height="300" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/6Y6ezvPP_HY?feature=player_embedded" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br><br> </TD></TR> </TABLE> <table> <tr width=1 bgcolor="341CC00"></tr> <TR> <td width="250" valign="top"></td> <td width="1" bgcolor="#341C00"></td> <td width="250"></td> <td width="1" bgcolor="#341C00"></td> <td width="250" valign="top"></td> </TR> </table> <td width="25" bgcolor="#000000"></td> <td width="15" bgcolor="#341C00"></td> <td width="10" bgcolor="#000000"></td> <td width="5" bgcolor="#341C00"></td> <td width="2" bgcolor="#000000"></td> <td width="1" bgcolor="#341C00"></td> </table> </td> </BODY> </HTML>